Virtual Tour

See what some of the rooms in the Museum
look like with these 360 tours.

The Entrance Room

This room charts our history as a Cinque Port. A fabulous diorama of ship building at Small Hythe, and a map of the Kent coast, give insight into late Medieval and early modern Tenterden. The weights display, maps, models, and other old pictures illustrate the history of this important borough.

The Twentieth Century Room

Look back at how people lived in Tenterden and District in the twentieth century using our interactive system, audio handsets and wall-boards. The rooms from a 1960’s cameo home stimulate memories and nostalgia.

The Special Exhibitions Room

In this room we hold our special exhibitions which change on a regular basis. In the video you can see an exhibition presented by the Tenterden & District Motor Cycle Club.
It is one of our most popular exhibitions featuring: photographs of riders in action, medals, trophies, and the history of the club and its founder Karl Pugh.

The Agriculture Room

This room celebrates our agricultural heritage and the crafts and industries that go with it. The room contains a nineteenth century front winding hop press, and a collection of tools and implements used in hop growing. A video loop shows the processing of the hops from bine to pocket. Also on display are agricultural machines and implements and a display of various tools used by allied crafts like blacksmiths, wheelwrights and woodworkers.

The Buildings Room

This room tells the story of how medieval buildings in the town were constructed and how later owners sought to hide their origins by covering them in ‘mathematical’ tiles to make them look like brick buildings. The room also tells the story of the Georgian Theatre in the town, and has many exhibits from the local pubs and brewery. A massive blue and yellow cart, called a dog cart, dominates the room. Come and visit to find out what the dog had to do with it!