The Exhibition Rooms

The Sixties Room

See Our Collections Exhibited in Six rooms.
All of our Reserve Collection is on Display in the Store Room.

The Entrance Room
This room charts our history as a Cinque Port. A fabulous diorama of ship building at Small Hythe, and a map of the Kent coast give insight into late Medieval and early modern Tenterden. The weights display, maps, models, and other old pictures illustrate the history of this important borough.

The Tapestry Room
Fourteen colourful panels, made by Tenterden schoolchildren, depict the history of the town from Roman times until 1974 – when the panels were made. Also featured are Victorian exhibits from the police force, the fire brigade, the local pharmacy and a Victorian kitchen.

The Twentieth Century Room
Look back at how people lived in Tenterden and District in the twentieth century using our interactive system, audio handsets and wall-boards. The rooms from a 1960’s cameo home stimulate memories and nostalgia.

The Agriculture Room
Celebrates our agricultural heritage.  There is a nineteenth century hop press and a video on hop production. Agricultural equipment and tools, as well as implements from local crafts and industries, are on display.

The Buildings Room
The story of the Georgian theatre is featured. Many items from local pubs and breweries are showcased, and you can find out about the history of brewing in Tenterden and District. The development of buildings is charted and many of the materials used in construction are on display including mathematical tiles, bricks and drainage pipes as well as wattle and daub, a crown post and fragments of Tudor wall painting.

The Special Exhibition Room
This is where you can view our latest special exhibition alongside a display from the Tenterden Motorcycle Club, which features an old Rudge motorbike.

The Reserve Collection
Everything from our Store Room has been sorted and put on display in cabinets so you can view a fascinating assortment of items not currently included in our permanent exhibitions.